Swedish enigma is the king of high-stakes online cash games

The player “BERRI SWEET” won $1,769,395 at the high-stakes tables of Pokerstars’ last year.

The mysterious player specializes in Pot-limit Omaha so it’s no surprise to see that he made all of his money at these tables. With his 2017 profit, he reached $2,330,314 in all-time winnings. Since 2012 when he first showed up at the high stakes tables on Pokerstars “BERRI SWEET” played only 176,973 hands almost exclusively at the PLO tables.

Seems like a sweet ride for “BERRI SWEET”

Timofey Kuznetsov

The second on the list is none other than Russian high-stakes beast Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov. The young prodigy is a true all-around player as he plays “any game that you can name”. He crushed almost everything online. His total winnings on the site amount for $1,454,838. In 8-game he made $906,203 during 12,547 hands, at the PLO tables he profited for $495,960 (24,763 hands), while earned $191,742 in NLHE (17,906 hands) and $6,862 in Omaha H/L. He only lost in Draw games (-$98,683; 8,976 hands) and in Fix-limit Hold’em (-$47,245; 283 hands).

The third player on the podium is Carlo “Ravenswood13” Van Ravenswood from the Netherlands. Just like “BERRI SWEET”, Carlo likes to have four cards, as $409,464 of $814,543 profit came from PLO games, while he added $198,861 to his account at the Omaha H/L tables.

The biggest loser of the year is long-time professional, Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro, who managed to drop $1,277,737 in 55,654 hands. The best game of the biggest winner seems to be the worst of the biggest loser, as Sami lost $1,078,682 playing PLO.

See the whole list below.

(photo credit: highstakesdb)


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