No gamble, no future – The Magician makes an ambitious call for $270K

Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari knows all the hustle, but this river probably surprised him as well.

As usual, when the big timers gather together at a high-stakes cash game table in Poker After Dark, the action was hot last time, when seasoned pros like Esfandiari or Jennifer Tilly sat down to play against recreational high-stakes players, with the like of Hollywood A-lister, Don Cheadle or businessman John Morgan. The whole night of fun was streamed on PokerGo, where all of the most popular poker shows and the biggest high-rollers are available live or on demand.

After playing for a while, a hand occurred, where Jen, Antonio and Don saw the flop. Jennifer flopped the nuts, holding pocket aces, on the board of ♠A♣T♣8, while Cheadle hit top two pair and Esfandiari a two-way straight draw.

The action got pretty wild on the flop, see the clip below:

(courtesy of Poker Central)

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