Michael Lim is the 2018 Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge champion

The last event at this year’s Aussie Millions ended in Melbourne, with Michael Lim taking down the A$931,000 and the ANTON ring.

The champion, Michael Lim

Although many of the high-roller regulars left Melbourne for Las Vegas, to play the 2018 US Poker Open, the field was filled with top-notch players. 19 of the best in the world decided to take their chances in the A$100k Challenge in Crown Casino.

Michael Lim started the last day with a 45 big blind stack and managed to outlast high-profile pros with the likes of Partypoker Ambassador, Mustapha Kanit or Super-High Roller boss, Fedor Holz, who couldn’t manage to build up a big stack even though, he used three bullets.

The final table

Former chip leader, Jack Salter found himself in a bad spot when he decided to put all of his remaining stacks to the middle from the big blind after Lim opened from the cutoff and Loeser called from the button. Lim had pocket kings and Salter couldn’t manage to spike an ace – holding ♥A♦6 – even though he tried everything: “I need this,” said Salter. “Give me an Ace!”

Salter finished 5th and the play continued. The next player out was Christian Christner, who certainly felt a bit of bitterness after his final hand, since his buddy, Manig Loeser got pretty lucky on him. The chips were in the middle before the flop in a blind versus blind confrontation.

Loeser: :♥8♥3
Christner: ♣Q♥Q

Board: ♠A♥K♥4 ♥6 ♦2

Christian’s misfortune feels even worse if we look at the payouts – he became the bubble boy.

The three-handed play continued and Loeser had a commanding chip lead. Mustapha got shorter and shorter and he moved in for his last 535,000 chips from the button with ♠A♦5 only to be bust by the ♦A♠7 of Manig.

Kanit earned A$372,400 for finishing 3rd.

After this, the last two went on a break and the duel continued after. Loeser had his opponent down to 550,000, but Lim managed to claim back took the lead in the following hand, when he raised before the flop and moved in after.

Lim: ♥K♠J
Loeser: ♣Q♠J

Flop: ♠K♦T♣8
Turn: ♥Q
River: ♦3

The German pro managed to even the stacks in the following few hands but wasn’t able to reclaim the chip lead. In the final hand, he shoved on the flop and got called by Lim.

Flop: ♠Q♣T♠9

Loeser: ♣Q♦9
Lim: ♠T♠4

Turn: ♠5
River: ♣8

Manig cashed for A$558,600 increasing his total live earnings to $5,583,320. The champion, Michael Lim from Malaysia earned A$931,000 for his outstanding achievement.

Final results

Place     Name     Payout 
1 Michael Lim A$931,000    $735,490
2 Manig Loeser A$558,600    $441,294
3 Mustapha Kanit A$372,400    $294,196

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