Li Wu is 2018 APPT Macau Main Event champion

The Chinese player shipped his first major event for $394,549 after outlasting a field of 356.

The 2018 APPT Macau festival has come to its end. A total of 27 events crowned champions during the eleven days of non-stop poker.

The HK$40,000 Main Event kicked off on the 19th and it took 7 days to finish. On the final day, the field reduced to the six finalists. Thailand’s most accomplished player, Phanlert Sukonthachartnant was leading the field at the beginning of the final table, holding a 3:2 chip advantage over Aditya Agarwhal and Lin Wu.

The first player to be eliminated was Germany’s Maxi Lehmanski. He shoved his remaining chips with Ace-seven suited, which couldn’t manage to outdraw the Ace-king suited of Wu’s. Maxi earned HK$546,532 ($69,672) for finishing 6th.

The first player to follow Lehmanski was China’s Alexandre Chieng. He lost his last 11 big blinds holding Ace-nine against Agarwal’s Ace-ten. Chieng cashed for HK$675,000 ($86,113).

Phanlert Sukonthachartnant

Wu took the chip lead shortly after and was even able to extend his lead, after eliminating Sukonthachartnant. After losing a big hand, Sukonthachartnant only had five blinds. He shoved with six-five and lost against the king-four of Wu’s. Phanlert’s performance was good for an HK$933,000 ($118,939) payday.

Agarwal was able to reclaim the lead, he even had almost double the chips of his two opponents combined at one point. He finally busted Jen-Chun Chiu in third place. Chiu earned HK$1,192,000 ($151,956).

The heads-up play started with a 5:2 chip advantage in Agarwal’s favor. However, Wu slowly narrowed the gap and then doubled up with sixes against Ace-Queen to accumulate more than double the chips of his opponent.

The two battled for a while before Wu shoved from the small blind with Ace-four and got called by Agarwal, who held pocket eights. An ace hit the board, meaning Wu scooped the title and the first prize, while his opponent got second, for HK$1,900,000 ($242,211).

Final results

Position Player Country Prize (HK$) Prize (USD)
1 Lin Wu China HK$3,095,000 $394,549
2 Aditya Agarwal India HK$1,900,000 $242,211
3 Jen-Chun Chiu Taiwan HK$1,192,000 $151,956
4 Phanlert Sukonthachartnant Thailand HK$933,000 $118,939
5 Alexandre Chieng China HK$675,000 $86,113
6 Maxi Lehmanski Germany HK$546,532 $69,672

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