Famous Youtuber, Joe Ingram, rages at Pokerstars

The biggest online poker site, Pokerstars, has just recently announced their ambitious plan for 2019. However, apparently not everyone is pleased by the announcement.

Pokerstars guaranteed $9 million in added value to their inaugural $25,000 Players No Limit Hold’em Championship. They will give away 300 free PSPC packages, which have a value of $30,000 as well as an additional $1,000,000 prize, awarded to the eventual winner of the event.

Even though, it seems like good news for the poker world, in light of past moves by the site – in which they cut their VIP system and returns – some people raised questions regarding the purpose of the huge additional prize.

The loudest of all was none other than the pope of Pot-limit Omaha, the host of Poker Life Podcast, Joe Ingram. Ingram shared his disapproval on his Twitter feed with his 22.7k followers.

As usual, people on Twitter were lining up to throw their two cents in.

One thing for sure is that Pokerstars is pretty divisive these. Do you think players should be more grateful or are the critics right? Let us know in the comments!

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