Bill Perkins to write a book on optimizing life

Hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, high-roller regular, Perkins believes, his book will be saving lives.


Bill with friend and fellow poker-fan Dan Bilzerian

Even though Perkins is not a professional poker player, he’s become a household name in the community in the past few years. He’s famous for his huge prop-bets, regular appearances in the high-roller tournaments, as well as streaming high-stakes poker on his “streamboat” with friends like Dan Bilzerian or Jamie Staples.

He’s now decided, to share the secret of his success with the masses.

Bill certainly knows what success is made of, as he achieved it in several fields. He’s a hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, film producer and recreational poker player – with $2.5 million in total earnings.

He lives life to the fullest, as it is well documented on his Instagram page, travelling to exotic locations with his private jet.

“Practically all people” are living sub-optimally and may even be “wasting their lives.”

Not like the list of his occupations wouldn’t be long enough, he’s now about to add another title, as he’s preparing to become an author.

Bill is working together with a professional writer and an agent, to help him spread his wisdom on how to optimize your life. Bill believes, that the vast majority of people are living sub-optimally and “wasting their lives”.

Perkins’ intention is to create a “methodology of having the most fulfilling life of their choosing, no matter what path they choose.”

As “there is so much work and so many directions to go within this subject”, no date of release was disclosed yet, but Bill believes that some chapter previews will be available by 2019.

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