Biggest cash game pots ever online

Some people believe that top tournament prizes are the big money to be earned online. However, for those who are familiar with the eco-system of online poker know very well, what nosebleed stakes the cash game killers battle for.

No strangers to high stakes, Blom and Ivey

Here are the three biggest cash game pots ever played online.

Enigmatic Swedish player ‘Isildur1‘ appeared on Full Tilt Poker back in 2009. He jumped into the action against the most respected players on the highest stakes straight away. While the poker world was trying to figure out who he was, ‘Isildur1won and lost millions of dollars days in days out. One of his nemesis was top notch cash game player Patrik Antonius, the two battled a bunch on the highest stakes available.

16-11-2009 Full Tilt Poker
Omaha Pl $500/$1000 – $878,959
Patrik Antonius – Viktor ‘Isildur1‘ Blom

In what happened to be the third biggest pot online Isidur1 was playing PLO against Patrik. Viktor opened the button to 3x and Patrik called. On the flop of ♥5♥7♠Q Patrik check/raised Viktor’s pot sized cbet to $21k and got called by the Swede. The turn brought the ♦A, where Antonius continued with a pot sized bet. Blom decided to raise the pot and the two were all-in on the turn with the Finnish holding top two pairs, a nut flush draw and a gutshot straight draw, while the Swede had top pair with a wrap draw. Antonious managed to hit the nuts on the river to take down the whopping pot of $878,959.


23-11-2009 Full Tilt Poker
Omaha Pl $500/$1000 – $1,127,955
Viktor ‘Isildur1‘ Blom – Phil Ivey

The crazy Swede was also involved in the second biggest pot, playing against living legend Phil Ivey. Their game of choice was PLO again, just like in the earlier hand.
The action started with Phil opening from the button to 3x. Viktor 3-bet to $9,000 and decided to call the 4-bet of $27k by Ivey.
On the flop of ♠J♠K♦J both players checked. ‘Isildur1‘ decided to check the ♦10 turn, only to raise the $41,000 bet of Ivey’s to $177,000. Phil called and on the ♦5 river, Viktor shoved all-in for about $357k. Ivey called.
Viktor showed kings full of jacks and took down the $1,127,955 pot.

1. 21-11-2009
Omaha Pl $500/$1000 – $1,365$947
Patrik Antonius – Viktor ‘Isildur1‘ Blom

Familiar names, familiar games. The two Scandinavian went at it again at the nosebleed PLO tables. The biggest online pot ever saw the two putting in $81k each before the flop of ♠4♣5♥2. Antonius bet out for $91k and Viktor came over the top. They put the rest of their stacks in, with Antonius holding the five-high straight, while Viktor having multiple outs to hit a higher straight. The Finn managed to hold and became the happy winner of the biggest pot ever played online.


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