Angle shooter or true entertainer?

The recent hand played between Phil Hellmuth and Jean-Robert Bellande in the Poker After Dark Cash Game unleashed a controversy in the poker community.

A high-stakes televised cash game went down on PokerGO‘s Poker After Dark, where household names like Phil Hellmuth, Elie Elezra or Jean-Robert Bellande sat down to play.

Shortly before the session ended a major pot had developed between the “Poker Brat” and the “Broke Millionaire”, where Phil went all-in before the flop, which put JRB deep into the tank. He was trying to fish for information every way, but Phil went full poker face mode and didn’t give away anything.

As the bet was six-figure, Bellande tried his best to read the Brat, and many people think he went too far and shot some angles, while others say it was harmless and great for TV.

Poker pro and Youtube content creator, Joe Ingram threw in his two cents as it’s usual for him. Find out what Joe had to say about the hand here:

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